Monday, 21 July 2014

Buzzy bees

Inspired by Hive Alive, I've been looking at the bees that are around in the garden at the moment. I've been trying to take photos of them, but they're really tricky to get a good shot of as they never sit still!

This one shows it's proboscis sucking the nectar out of the flower. You can see all the detail of it's hairy body.

For hairy bodies though, this Early Bumblebee wins the prize.

The Honey bees seem to love the Lavender. They must be making some delicious honey!

This Bumblebee seemed to be enjoying one of the Sunflowers. The pollen baskets on it's legs were jam packed!

I know, not a bee, but it was still out and about in the garden. I think this must be a Wood Wasp.

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