Monday, 7 July 2014

Deaths Head Hawk Moth

One of our Deaths Head Hawk Moths has hatched overnight. They're very strong and feisty moths and squeak at you if you startle them. Definitely not docile moths that will sit on your finger and let you carry them around. Uncle Butterfly once described them as the bully boys of the moth world, which is a very fitting description for them. You can see the skull and cross bones shape behind their heads, which gives them their name. In the wild they raid bee hives and steal the honey. We'll have a go at feeding them some honey water in a day or two.

The other chrysalis should hatch in the next couple of days (it pupated a day after the one that hatched today). We're also keeping an eye out for our escapee! The first caterpillar that started to pupate escaped and was never seen again. It should have hatched yesterday or the day before, so we'll keep looking for the moth as we might just find it.

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