Friday, 10 October 2014

Evening Primrose

There are two Evening Primrose plants in the garden, one which I planted and another which self seeded. They have both been amazing, flowering every night for the whole summer. About a month ago I thought they were running out of flower buds and were nearly finished, but they seem to have burst back into life, growing side shoots with new buds on and growing more and more buds out of the original stem.

Every morning the flowers from last night start to fade and the new buds show their tightly curled up petals. By the evening they'll burst open.

A flower bud ready to open this evening
I've collected some seed from them, so I'll try and grow some more plants next year. They don't flower until the second year, but it's worth the wait to have something that flowers for so much of the summer, is so pretty and is great for moths and night flying insects (which in turn are great for the bats).
#100DaysOfNature Day 79 - Seeds ready for next year

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