Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas morning

We had  a very early start to Christmas morning (5.15am!) and all got lots of lovely presents. Bug Mad Girl was given a bird house that you stick on the window. It has a one way mirror inside, so we can see the birds, but they can't see us. We'll just have to see whether the birds will use it!  She also got a t-shirt from Bob and Betty, the two Death's Heads hawk moths that we raised from eggs last spring. She loves it and may never take it off again.

I received a really good book of British fungi and another of British moths. Hopefully now we'll be able to accurately identify some more of our finds, instead of making up names or guessing! I also got a book about attracting birds into the garden, so lets see if we can get some new feathery friends to visit us and I received membership to the Butterfly Conservation.

Then a few friends popped in to wish us merry Christmas. One of our beautiful Goldfinches turned up for some Evening Primrose seeds.

He was chased away by a very plucky little Blue Tit, who appears to have adopted one of our bird boxes.

The sparrows have started to use the peanut feeder that's stuck to the kitchen window, so they really did 'pop in'.
 Happy Christmas little garden birds!

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